Saturday, March 10, 2012

Open Letter for Research in Spain

As you surely have heard, Spain is facing a serious crisis in the context of a globalized market-economy (yes, it used to be a time when economical crisis related to something more tangible, such as a serious drought or a plague, but now one can only blame abstract fluxes of financial speculations). The new government is preparing a new budget which is predicted to include the most dramatic cuts in our history. Researchers here, who have already been hit by previous cuts (see this letter), are now embracing for the worst. 

 In this context, an open letter has been put together by the Confederation of Spanish Scientific Societies, the Federation of Young Researchers and others. I recommend you to read it (some cited figures and data are very revealing), and if yo agree with it sign it, as I just did.

 Open letter for research in Spain.

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