Sunday, May 15, 2011

Learn Neighbor Joining method in 1-minute video.


 Have a ruler, a pen, scissors and some tape and glue around?... enough to reconstruct the tree of apes!.

I came across a short video, which illustrates for the general public how to build a phylogenetic tree from pair-wise distances.  The video has been made by Hidetoshi Shimodaira, the guy behind CONSEL package. I am already using it for teaching purposes.

Will we have one on ML and Bayesian reconstruction?


  1. Very nice video! I wish we could find a way of explaining likelihood like that... maybe parsimony?

    BTW, Shimodaira is best known as the author of consel, PAML was made by Ziheng Yang (or was there some collaboration that I'm not aware of?).


  2. Thanks for noting my silly confusion with PAML/CONSEL, I corrected that!