Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A PLoS currents for the Tree of Life

 I recently discovered that PLoS Currents has opened a new track for the Tree of Life: PLoS Currents: Tree Of Life.

 PLoS currents is yet another form of publishing scientific results. A small group of editors and reviewers reviews every paper to check that it is t is " a legitimate work of science and does not contain any obvious methodological, ethical or legal violations." If that's the case papers are published immediately (and indexed in Pubmed). Another novelty is that all the publication procedure is based on a web-based tool called google-knol.

 So far there are only 4 articles (or "knols"?) and they all seem pertinent to the topic, one of them was very useful to me, since it described a compilation of benchmark datasets for phylogeny. 

 It looks worth to keep an eye.

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