Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Useful tool:phylowidget

Hi, I wanted to share this finding (phylowidget) that is making my life easier with respect to collaborations with experimentalists that are not used to handle newick files.

 I used to send .pdf or .png figures in order to share the results on my phylogenetic analyses, but having the possibility to interactively work with the figure is much better.

 Now I can send a simple link in this way (a very simple example):'(A:0.1,B:0.2,(C:0.3,D:0.4):0.5);'

and your colleague will be able to explore it. You can play around with the layout and really generate cool images. If the tree is huge you will have to place the file somewhere and provide the URL to phylowidget. This project was developed by a student within the google's summer of code program, which highlights the interest of this initiative.

In the future we plan to have something similar implemented in ETE.

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